Orchard CMS Quick Tip–Stop “Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server” SSL clashes

When I’m working with Orchard I often want to have several copies of Visual Studio open, running several copies of Orchard for testing and comparison reasons. This is how I stopped the “Unable to launch the IIS Express" Web server” errors when I tried to launch two at the same time.

Each time I would try to spin up a new dev environment server it would come up with an error like this:


The second project was fighting the first project for the SSL port. I wasn’t using any SSL in my project but it was loading it anyway.

I’d gone into the project property pages by right clicking on the Orchard.Web project, selecting properties and configuring the Server in the build tab which had solved the initial clash but there was seemingly no option for the SSL settings.

It turns out that this is actually in the other project properties screen. If you select the Orchard.Web project then press F4 on your keyboard it will bring up the properties dialog:


You can then just double click the SSL Enabled = True option to disable the SSL port and stop the clash.

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