ASP.NET 5 Beta 4 “Couldn't determine an appropriate version of KRE to run”

I’ve started getting to grips with the new ASP.NET 5 project system and during the course of this process I’ve encountered a few glitches. This time a project I downloaded based on earlier beta3 code wouldn’t run for me in the browser. I found the solution to this issue in this article.

The project (eventually) compiled fine but when it tried to load it up in IIS Express I got this error:

asp.net5 - prerelease beta4 - iis fail

Couldn't determine an appropriate version of KRE to run

I didn’t dig deep enough to figure out what underlying setting this affected but I solved it by simply doing the following:

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right click the project in question
  2. Select Properties (at the bottom of the list)
  3. Tick Use specific DNX version
  4. Tell it exactly which one you want to use, for me that was 1.0.0-beta4, .NET Core, x64
  5. Close the properties window and it will automatically save the new preference

The project then ran in the browser for me.

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