Easily extracting .nupkg files with WinRAR

I’ve just started doing some serious development with Orchard CMS and one of the best learning tools is to take other peoples modules, rip them apart and investigate their source code. The first hurdle I came across was being able to easily extract them with WinRAR.


The .nupkg data file format is used by both Orchard CMS and NuGet to package up and distribute its modules. Under the hood these are simple normal .zip files that can be extracted them with any zip file compression utility. My utility of choice is WinRAR but when I first came across the files they were not associated with WinRAR.

No problem I thought and double clicked it, quickly choosing WinRAR as the associated tool from the list of available apps.

Unfortunately it was not that simple as my context menu did not take the form I was expecting. Instead of right clicking and choosing “Extract to a folder” I was greeted with a standard menu:


After messing around for a while with regedit.exe thinking I could find the keys and apply them I eventually solved this the sane way.



You can actually do this from right within WinRAR. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Load WinRAR
  2. Click the Options menu and choose Settings… (or press CTRL-S)
  3. Click the Integration tab
  4. At the bottom of this screen simply enter nupkg (not full stop required) in to the User defined archive extensions and click OK
  5. When you click OK you might get a Windows UAC screen asking you to confirm that you want to let this program make changes to your computer. Just agree with it.


And that’s it, you’re done! The next time you right click a .nupkg file you will be greeted with the proper extraction options that normal archives get:


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