Did you know you can rename email subjects in all versions of Outlook?

Did you know that you can rename the subject line of emails that you have received while they are still sat in your inbox? Read on to find out how!

I often find that I have emails sitting around in my inbox that can’t be filed away yet but have really confusing email subjects. Sometimes a thread gets hijacked and the subject isn't updated so it could be a thoughtfully worded subject line, just not the correct topic for the thread any more.

Well it turns out there is a semi-hidden rename feature built right into Outlook, and its sitting right underneath your nose.

Before I go on any further I must admit and give credit to the person that actually found this trick – my mum! You see it uses a non-standard UI to allow the editing and as a self-styled “experienced computer user” I didn’t even think to try this. Mum did and I have used it many, many times since then, so thanks mum!

Ok the tip: If you open up the email to read it in its own window and click on the subject line, you can actually start typing or deleting and its an editable box!


Here is an innocent looking email:



If I click on the “Thank you for your purchase” subject line and start typing it turns out its actually editable:



You can now click the Save button (the disk icon) or just try to close the window and it will ask you to save:



If you confirm then it will save out the file for you and your inbox will now be that one step closer to the organised perfection you’re striving for:



So next time you get an annoyingly labelled email in your inbox you can thank my mum you now know how to sort it out!

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