Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 Install Error - You must install Service Pack 2 or later to complete installation

Have you have got an error when trying to install Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 which says:

"Windows Service Pack 2 Update Information"

You must install Service Pack 2 or later to complete installation. This service pack must be installed before you install this Microsoft Team Foundation product.


I have my copy of Vista set to automatically download updates and install them you so I was a bit confused at the sight of this message. I ran Windows update and found a patch or two but after everything was installed the error message still persisted and I was stumped.

Well it turned out that that I actually didn't have Windows Vista Service Pack 2 installed. This seems to have affected others because when I finally realised that my copy of Vista was in fact stuck on SP1 a quick search revealed others asking the same question - how do I install it?

How to check if your Windows Vista has SP2 installed

Press the Start key on your keyboard + Break / Pause and the System dialog will popup. Alternatively click the Start orb, right click on Computer and choose Properties…

The screen looks like this and tells you what service pack you have installed:


If it doesn't say Service Pack two (or greater if you're a reader from the future) then it needs patching.

Where can I download Service Pack 2 manually?

This knowledge base article explains the various ways to download Service Pack 2 but since its been out since March if you don't already have it then I'd say we are at method 3 - the manual download.

Check the article out of everything you need:

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