The sneaky Open Command Window Here feature in Windows Vista

I am by no means the first to blog this (most people probably blogged this about three years ago when Vista came out!) but I keep using it recently and I thought maybe some people have forgotten this in the last few years.

That's often the problem with a really cool tip - if you don't keep using it then you forget it. Sometimes when you're in the middle of things you half remember it but don't know how to find the exact trick quicker than it is to do it the "hard way".

Isn't it lucky for me then that now I'll always know that this tip can be refreshed in my mind with a quick search of my blog?

For the rest of you this might be your only chance for the next three years so listen up :)

How to get a Open Command Window Here option in the context menu of a folder

To get the Command Prompt Here option you simply have to hold down the shift key and right click on your folder. The context menu that pops up looks pretty similar to the one you always get except that it has an extra entry that says "Command Prompt Here":


Bonus knowledge - network drive mapping

While researching this blog post (yes I did research for a tip this simple) I found this little tidbit over on this post:

(Reproduced entirely without permission - sorry Tim!)

What's really cool about this is that if the target folder is a network location, Windows Vista silently maps a network drive to that location before opening the folder (so that your command prompt has a valid path containing a drive letter) and then deletes the network drive once the command prompt is closed.

Source: Tim Sneath's Blog

He actually has a pretty interesting series of Vista tips if you are up for the distraction:

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