Join the voting frenzy with DotNetBurner's updated Live Writer plug-in

If you haven't tried out the plug-in for Windows Live Writer then now's the time to download:

Its a simple and time saving plug-in that will automatically insert those little kick / burn / shout counters you see at the bottom of many posts.

If you're a blogger and you're serious about sharing your content with the largest community that you can muster up then you owe to to your readers to take the extra step and make sharing your awesome content with others that little bit easier.

I'm not going to post a screenshot of what this looks like because I know somebody will want to click on it and get confused. If you want to see it then all you have to do is scroll down a few lines to see it in action.

A few minutes after I had installed it I fired off a quick email to the author, Thiago to suggest adding in support for's button as well. In less than 12 hours Thiago had added in the support and released a new version! (I don't think he spent all of the 12 hours coding).

So the total list of supported websites currently stands at 4:

  • DotNetBurner
  • DotNetShoutout
  • DotNetKicks
  • WebDevVote

Click on any of these voting buttons to visit the sites above:

Burn! kick it Shout it vote it on

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