Features I Want To See In Asp.Net 4.0

I know this is probably a bit late in the pipeline now but I just wanted to jot down some features that I want to see in the next version of asp.net.

Visual Studio

  • recent Projects actually showing recent projects, like the last 8 projects I opened, and let me delete them from the list at will
  • make the RSS feed work in the start page!
  • integrate an easy to use feature into vs that lets me compile user controls into assemblies and hook them into other projects without having to jump through hoops of dodgy assembly names, stub files, registering items web.config, msbuild steps, and all the trouble.
  • give me a Dreamweaver quality site-sync to upload my files (the one in vwd 2008 cant connect to my server for some reason, it worked in vwd 2005 though it wasn't as good as Dreamweaver)


  • fix this bug that prevents us from nesting templates in usercontrols
  • extend usercontrols to support more of the server control attributes like the ToolBoxData, type converters, etc OR
  • give server controls a design surface
  • add an "add to default sitemap" checkbox in the add new item dialog so I dont forget to put my pages in my .sitemap file
  • don't make me use lines like <@ MasterType VirtualPath="~/Templates/Main.master" %> in every content page that I want to access the master page.


  • Add some documentation which explains the proper way to do SitemapPathResolve (see community content section) without crashing your server.

Platform Installer

  • fix the bug that occurs when you want to install sql 2008 over 2005 - the first time I wanted to use it and it force me to go back to the old school!

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