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Not long after I started this blog I decided I wanted to start submitting my content to news sites. My motivation behind this was that there wasn't any point writing this content if nobody saw it and also that I wanted to get enough daily visitors so that I could start getting some comments and feedback posted for each of the articles.

With being a pretty small subset of the global internet community I had a limited audience. I asked around a bit, posted a thread on the forums and did some searches to try and find all of the places where you can announce your news.

Below is my annotated list of all news sites that I have found to announce my latest posts on.

The big players

  • announcements forums
    I wasn't that sure about this being viewed as potentially misusing the announcements forum. It is mainly filled with product launches, offers and such. I have been posting in it for a couple of weeks now and the admin haven't chased me out of town.
  • submit an article for article of the day on
    This is a simple form which you can fill out and submit your blog article for possible inclusion in the article of the day feature. The queue is pretty long and they have a bunch of guidelines as to what they will accept. I haven't been featured yet but with it being the focal point of the community I think this one is very worthwhile.
  • dotnetshoutout
    I have used this website as a news source ever since it launched. The articles that get voted up are generally of high quality; covering craftsman topics such as agile, best practices, new technologies. They have an active community of voters which keep the link content fresh and they have a vote button which you can embed in your posts (like at the bottom of this one).
  • dotnetkicks
    I think dotnetkicks was the original digg style news posting community for dot net although its popularity seems to have waned. I don't get as much traffic as the others above but it has brought me about 5% of my overall traffic in the last month make it a top 5 referrer.

    One annoying thing about this site is that it has a really short title limitation which means your poetic, descriptive post titles will have to be reworded or clipped. I also experience a regular problem submitting the news. When you press submit it will post the page and just refresh rather than submitting. Just keep trying until it works because when it goes through it has only ever put a single copy of the news on to the site.
  • dotnetburner
    This site seems to be running off the KiGG codebase (which is what dotnetshout out runs on). Update - Thiago pointed out in the comments below that it isn't running off KiGG any more as he has rewritten the code to make it cleaner and faster. It has a lot of fresh news and sports a nice Windows Live Writer plugin for integrating the vote buttons for several of the big sites.
  • dzone
    This was a new site that I found in a .net bloggers sidebar recently but unfortunately I can't remember which one now! (Sorry). The site covers all development topics and a range of languages. It gives me the impression of being a well established site with the front page news items having around 30-50 votes in the past 7 days.
  • dotnetslackers
    This is a news aggregation service which is actually invite only. If you can't get yourself on there then you have a good chance of getting your news into their daily newsletter if you post it in the announcements forum listed above.
  • webdevvote
  • aspnetspy
    These are two new sites that I found some time last week and just submitted my first news items to about 10 minutes ago. I don't have anything that deep any meaningful to say about them other than you should put them in your blog post announce bookmark list. Oh - webdevvote covers other web dev languages not just

Some other sources

  • codedigest submit news
  • codeproject submit news
    I have submitted several pieces of news to the sites above but with no real success. I think the news they are looking for is more in the region of product announcements and events rather than every random blog post some guy decides to write.

Foreign language

These are all foreign language versions of the KiGG codebase. I haven't used any of them yet although the Russian and Chinese ones do feature English language news items on front page so I guess posts are welcome.

Additions to this list

I am interested in growing this list to include any and all news posting sources. Its easy to miss pockets of developers out there on the internet and I would like to share my content with the broadest range of people possible. If you know any more then please leave a comment.

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Thiago M. Sayão said...

One correction: dotnetburner does not use the kigg codebase. I used kigg 1.0 for "inspiration" to learn mvc, but the source code is completely different. It's also much faster and simplier :)

Thiago M. Sayão said...

Chuck Norris helped me to develop Steven Seagal also helped with some patches.

rtpHarry said...

Corrected ;)