Where to get an asp.net 2.0 compatible AjaxControlToolkit

(Updated: To include the latest controls asp.net 2.0 users are missing out on)

This is just a simple link so that I don't have to keep finding it and explaining the situation each time the topic comes up.

Asp.net 2.0 support

The AjaxControlToolkit doesn't support asp.net 2.0 any more. This means that if you are still using asp.net 2.0 then you will have to download an older release.

The last version that was released with 2.0 support was toolkit version 1.0.20229. Download it here:

Asp.net 3.5 support

If you're looking for the latest 3.5 version then I suggest heading directly to the front page of the site so that you can get the latest version. Actually this url seems to automatically redirect you to the latest version available:

But if it breaks for you in the future then use this link and click the download button in the top right:

What's missing for asp.net 2.0 users?

The following controls (at the time of writing) are missing from the older AjaxControlToolkit:

  • HTMLEditor
  • ComboBox
  • ColorPicker
  • MultiHandleSlider
  • Seadragon Image Viewer
  • AsyncFileUpload

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