Ordered lists don't display correctly in the Blogger.com “Tic Tac” template

I don’t know where you’re reading this information from now, but this blog originally used blogger.com and started out with the Tic Tac template.

If you are a non technical user this might clear up why your Ordered lists (IE lists with 1, 2, 3, etc for bullet points) are displaying as orange tic tacs.

  1. You have to login to your blog and click the Layout template.
  2. Then click the Edit Html sub menu button.
  3. Scroll down the the line that says /* unordered list style */
  4. Find the CSS rule that applies to li (hint: its a couple of lines further down)
  5. Change the li to ul li
  6. Save your changes

Now when you view an ordered list you will see proper numbered bullet points.

If you are using Windows Live Writer to post your blog items (as I am) then you will also have to follow these steps within the Windows Live Writer application to get your template to display numbers while you are writing it:

  1. Select the blog you are using the (newly updated) Tic Tac theme with
  2. Click the Blogs menu
  3. Choose Edit blog settings…
  4. Click the Editing tab down the left hand side
  5. Click the Refresh Theme button
  6. Marvel as your posts now have numbers on them while being edited


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that simple fix - worked for me :D

Anonymous said...

thaaanks, man! i was so close, doctoring the OL-tag instead of LI ;D