Sunday, 27 September 2009

HtmlAgilityPack Article Series

This is an index post which will pull together the various HtmlAgilityPack posts on here. If you don't know what the HtmlAgilityPack or the idea of Screen Scraping is then you should read the first introductory article, otherwise you can dive right in!

Article Index


Daniel said...

I would love to learn more about HTMLAgilityPack! Could you continue working on them?

rtpHarry said...

Daniel, thanks for your comment, I am 85% complete with the second article now and I have written code samples for both of the unfinished articles. I have no way to contact you so I can only suggest you keep an eye on this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the 3rd article is this series?

Harsya said...

Would you please continue this series :)

Neha Bajaj said...

Thanks a lot for your posts Daniel. I want to download all wsdl files from a website. I can do this if i get a proper link, for that i need to scan through the website. Could you just tell me how i can go for scanning whole website?


Anonymous said...

I need your help .How can I extract data from a HTML form which is loaded dynamically using "post" method?
"form action="blah" method="post">
please reply , it's urgent . Thanks in advance :)

මාක් said...

Thanks.. This is very helpful !